Narrowing a HP Dana 44 with the BC Broncos WAH kit
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Somehow it has been around for over 10 years - yet I'd never heard of it; the BC Broncos wristed axle housing or WAH. It was designed to eliminate some of the bind associated with a radius arm suspension system as found on Ford Early Broncos - the kit is designed for Early Bronco Dana 44's or 1978-1979 F150/fullsize Bronco Dana 44's with the cast in radius arm mounts. The WAH works by adding a rotation point right in the middle of the passenger side axle tube! This build will show you how to install a WAH kit and at the same time narrow down a 1978-1979 High Pinion axle for an Early Bronco. The design of the WAH makes for a very easy narrowing job.
First you need a 1978-1979 High Pinion Dana 44 with the cast in radius arm mounts
Tear it all down and clean the passenger side axle tube for narrowing.
Order the WAH kit from BC Broncos
Read the WAH instructions that come with the kit.
The instructions are easy to follow and give you a step by step process that doesn't leave much room to mess up. Make sure and read through them a couple times and be sure and know which piece is which when they call them out in the instructions. For this build and narrowing job, we can follow the instructions almost exactly but narrow the axle by adding one more step in the very beginning.
Layout the 'cut' mark on the axle per the instructions and 4.5" from the center section. BUT also layout another mark 5.97" out for the narrowing cut. By removing 5.97" from the axle tube you will be narrowing the passenger side down to factory early Bronco specs - for all the detail see the Early Bronco High Pinion narrowing page.
Make the first cut at the outer 'cut' mark.
Make your second cut at the first 'cut' mark at 4.5" from the center section.
And with two cuts you removed 5.97" from the axle tube and made the cut at 4.5" to add in the WAH sleeve, hub and rotor.
Drill the four 1/2" holes in inner tube section.
Drill and tap the small hole for the grease fitting in the outer tube section.
Using a cylinder hone attached to a standard drill - hone out both the inner and outer tube sections until the WAH sleeve fits easily per the instructions.
Drive the tube sleeve into the inner axle section as far as the directions say and plug weld it tight with your four drilled holes.
Place the hub on the inner tube and line up the inside of the hub with the end of the cut tube.
Test fit the outer axle onto the sleeve and start to imagine the flex!
The next step is to get the rotor set to the right location and tack weld it on to the outer tube. It needs to be pushed in all the way per the instructions.
With the rotor tack welded on place it can be removed and fully welded. I used a set of welding gloves to protect the cap and washer on the outer tube. It is important tnot to put to much weld on the rotor as the washers need to sit flush against it when done. Be sure and weld both sides. The hub can be fully welded on to the inner tube at this point as well. The hub is only welded on the inboard side.
With all the welding done you can put it all back together. Be sure and put the wash on the inner tube. Follow the instructions for lubing and sealing. And bolt with the supplied bolts.
Another angle of the finished product.
With a fresh coat of paint you almost don't see the wristed axle housing! The install went very smooth overall and the fit and finish of the wah parts was great. If you follow the instructions and go slow it is an 'easy' way to narrow a HP Dana 44 axle for your Early Bronco. The hardest part is the welding and owning the right kind of saw to make an easy straight cut.
For more information and to buy your own BC Broncos Wristed Axle Housing parts please contact BC Broncos directly.