Front axle basics: Locking hub assembly
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Step by step pictures and tips for assembling your Dana 44 locking hubs
Spindle with outer bearing in place - just to see what it looks like. To actually put the hub together you need to start with the hub body on the spindle.
The first thing to go on after the bearing is the inner spindle nut. It has the small stud on it that locks to the spindle lock washer. The stud faces out.
Stud or nipple faces out to match locking washer.
Next comes the locking washer - it needs to line up on the stud or nipple on the inner spindle nut.
Then comes the outer spindle nut - it does not have a stud or nipple on it. This is the one that gets torqued down to spec to keep everything together.
On the hub it would look like this. Outer bearing, spindle nut, lock washer, spindle nut.
In next is the big spring. You can see how this one is larger at one end than the other. The big end goes in towards the spindle nuts.
After the spring comes the locking hub body. The side with the alignment teeth and  threads for the screws goes out, the flat/smooth side goes in and touches the big spring. It lines up with the axle shaft splines and the wheel hub splines so it takes some wiggling to get it in place sometimes.
Next comes the axle shaft spring ring that goes onto the axle shaft and holds the hub body tight against the big spring and in the wheel hub.
Make sure the ring is fully seated into the groove on the axle shaft..
With the little snap ring in place - it is time for the big snap ring, It fits in a groove in the wheel hub and holds the hub body in place
Once you start it in the groove it should pop right into place.
The last piece is the locking hub knob - it lines up with some teeth into the locking hub body and presses tight into the wheel hub.
The final step is to screw in the screws that hold the knob to the hub body. If they do not want to line up and go in - you may need to pull the knob off and rotate it some to find the correct alignment with the locking hub body. Once the screws are in - turn the knob and make sure it works and locks to the axle shaft!