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International Harvester Scout Dana 44's use a goofy oddball 8 bolt spindle, so if you wish to retain your Scout brakes and hubs and use flat top knuckles for your high steer conversion you have a few choices. Find the very rare fullsize International Pickup Dana 44 with the 8 bolt spindle flat top knuckles and use those. OR buy aftermarket flat top knuckles that have been made with the 8 bolt spindle pattern, think high dollar item. OR make your own 8 bolt spindle knuckles from a pair of super common Chevy flat top knuckles.

Yes, you can do it yourself, safely and easily. Follow along and find out how.

First find a pair of Chevy flat top knuckles. The drivers side is already machined and ready for an arm, the passenger side needs to be machined flat and 3 holes drilled and tapped for the arm. Most 4x4 shops or any average machine shop can do it for you.
Bare flat top Chevy knuckles
Machined passenger side knuckle with high steer arm installed.
The next step is drilling the 8 bolt Scout pattern into the Chevy knuckle. It is very straight forward, remove all but the top and bottom spindle bolts from the Chevy spindle and place the Scout spindle on the two remaining bolts. You will then see the 6 places you need to drill for the Scout pattern. Measure the spindle bolt holes and pick a drill size just a touch smaller and start drilling. The knuckles are cast so they drill very easily.
As you can see above none of the extra holes overlap, but they are close. The next issue is on the back side of the knuckle, the casting is curved in around the steering stop bolt hole. To get a spindle bolt in place you need to grind out a little of the casting on the knuckle and grind a touch off the head of the spindle bolt. It isn't enough off of either to compromise the strength of the knuckle or spindle bolt. And heck, if 6 bolts was good enough for Chevy, the Scout is already over kill with 8 so you do have a margin of saftey built in.
Drilled out Chevy knuckles for the Scout pattern spindles.
Clearancing around the steering stop for the spindle bolt.
Grind here to allow bolt to fit.
This is the standard high steer arm pattern that needs to be machined into the passenger side knuckle.
And that is it! Your done. Reinstall the knuckle on the axle and you now have a flat top knuckle ready for high steer AND your Scout II brakes and hubs.

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