Dana 44 Basics: Removing stuck Steering arm studs
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If you haven't fought a set of Chevy Dana 44 steering arm studs it is just a matter of time. After 35 years most are rusted solid and not coming out with any combination of double nuts, wrenches, penetrating fluid, etc.
But there is a sure fire way to get them - hit them with your welder! You aren't going to reuse the studs or conical washers, so it isn't going to ruin anything of value anyway....
You've made it this far but the studs won't come out and you are out of patience.
The trick is to put the nut back on so about half the the threads in the nut are still showing. Then fill the nut with weld, making sure to weld the nut the the stud.
With the nuts welded on you should be able to spin the studs right out, you might need a breaker bar or cheater pipe to get it started but it will come right out. The heat from welding and the ability to apply a lot of torque make this work every time. You can even use an impact gun to spin them out after the nut has been welded.