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The Lowrance brand of GPS units has become the standard GPS for the offroad racing world. While there are many units and models out there that people use - the basics are mostly the same. The 5" models are the most common based on avaliable space and cost. New units start at around $700, while used units can be found for around $350.

Some 5" model numbers to watch for if you are in the used market:
Lowrance Branded Models-
540 and 540 Baja
480 and 480 Baja
3500 GlobalMap
3600 (internal antenna)
5200 GlobalMap
5300 (internal antenna)
HDS-5 (internal antenna)
Eagle Branded Models (made by Lowrance just sold as a lower end fisherman brand)-

There are many other 5" models, but these are the most commonly found model numbers. There are even more models that are combo GPS and fish finder units - if you find one for the right price do not be afraid to buy it and just recylce/resell the fish finder parts! The fish finder/transducers are not needed to have a fully functional GPS unit
Lowrance GlobalMap 3500c
Eagle IntelliMap 500c
Complete package with the GPS, bracket, power cable, network cable, antenna, cover and instructions
To wire up a standard unit for racing you can tape off the data cable and focus on the main power and the network power. You can also tape off the white wire for the speaker, it is not needed. You need to feed power to the unit and the 'network' for it to work. If you only do the main power your antenna will never work as it is feed off the 'network'.
Tie main power (+) and network (+) together.
Lowrance Terminology
NMEA 2000/Network Cable = Antenna Cable
Power Cable = The power cable actually has 3 sets of wires. The main power, the NMEA 2000 or 'network power' and the data cable.
+++Main Power cable = Red (+), Black (-) and white (speaker feed out).
+++NMEA 2000/Network Power cable = Red (+), Black (-) and unshielded (-).
+++Data Cable = Serial Data in and out for radio control, auto pilot, etc.
Puck = Antenna
Terminal resistor = a screw on resistor that goes somewhere in the network cable, usually on the 'Y' or the 'T'.

Tie main power (-) and network (-) together along with unshielded wire.
Make sure you put a 3 amp fuse inline for the power to keep the unit same. Once you have the power wired up you can connect the netwrok cable. Most are either a 'Y' cable or a straight cable with a 'T' connector. In either case you connect the antenna to one open spot and the terminal resistor to the other spot(s). The connect it all together on the back of the unit and you should be fully operational!!
Network/Antenna cable goes here.
Power cable goes here.
And that is it - your Lowrance GPS is now setup and ready to go.
King of the Hammers full race course with over 9000 waypoints.
Using the Lowrance Overlay Data feature you can put your GPS Speed, vehicle voltage, race course mileage, overall top speed and a lot of other cool data points right on the screen to view as you drive.