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Converting from older external locking hubs to stronger internal locking hubs can be a huge upgrade for your Dana
44 axle. The build below is on a Scout II front Dana 44. But can be applied to almost any 5 x 5.5" lug pattern
axle. If you have a 6 lug axle with external hubs, the easiest solution is to buy a 6 lug Chevy internal hub setup
that came factory for years. For 8 lug axles, the same applies, just get an 8 lug Chevy setup.

On a Scout or Jeep with external locking hubs you will need the following parts, you also do away with the weak
27 spline stub shafts and get the much stronger 19 spline stub shafts:

6 bolt Chevy small bearing spindles ('75 K10 1/2 ton 4x4) (Dana/Spicer Part Numbe706528X)
Chevy 4 slot spindle nuts ('75 Chevy K10 1/2 ton 4x4)
Chevy 1/2 ton caliper brackets ('75 Chevy K10 1/2 ton 4x4)
Chevy calipers and pads ('75 Chevy K10 1/2 ton 4x4)
Ford wheel hubs and rotors ('85 Ford F150 1/2 ton 4x4)
Ford inner and outer wheel bearings and wheel seal ('85 Ford F150 1/2 ton 4x4)
Standard 19 spline internal locking hub (Chevy, Dodge, Jeep, Etc - they are all the same for 19
spline applications)
Chevy/Jeep 19 spline outer axle shaft ('75 Chevy 1/2 ton 4x4)
Oh No! This external hub became the weak link and exploded.
A completed internal hub conversion using Chevy/Ford parts.
Steps to get it swapped out. Each step is done just like you would do any axle rebuild/repair. Nothing needs to be cut/ground/welded/modified.I have over simplified the steps, but you get the idea. It is all just replacing parts in the correct order.

1) Tear down axle to bare knuckles with axle shafts pulled out.

2) Take stock axle shaft apart and rebuild with new u-joint and Chevy 19 spline stub shaft.

3) Reinstall axle shaft.

4) Install Chevy Spindle onto knuckle.

5) Install Chevy brake caliper on the OUTSIDE of Chevy spindle.

6) Install bearings and inner wheel seals into Ford hub/rotor combo.

7) Install Ford hub/rotor combo on Chevy Spindle using Chevy spindle nuts, don't forget the span ring on the axle shaft before you go any further.

8) Install internal locking hubs.

9) Install Chevy calipers onto Chevy caliper brackets. Adapt Chevy brake lines to your brake lines (usually done with an adapter fitting, or if you are lucky they will thread together with no adapter. Bleed the system and you should be ready to go.
Getting ready to swap the outer stub shaft from the weak 27 spline units to the 19 spline model.
Installing the Spindle then brake caliper bracket.
When you are looking for your parts you want the Chevy Small bearing spindles. The other options do not work at all.
Chevy 'BIG' bearing
Chevy 'small' bearing
Scout 8 bolt oddball
All the parts spread out and ready. Nothing like making a big mess.....

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