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You've lifted your truck and now the front driveline binds or the caster angle is so bad you have death wobble. What do you do now? A cut and turn of course! The cut and turn on a Dana 44 axle may be the most often 'skipped' step when people are building the front ends of their trucks.

I say "DO IT YOUSELF! You can do it". Regular wheelers have been cutting and turning Dana 44 axles in home garages for years. Click here to go straight to the TECH!
If done correctly a cut and turn will allow you to correct your pinion angle and caster angle at the same time. If you are starting from scratch you can also narrow an axle and move spring perch locations at the same time. It is also the ideal time to convert to a reverse shackle arrangement. It is all tied together and is all fairly simple. Yes there is some hard work involved and yes you need a welder or someone to weld for you. But it is not impossible and anyone can do it.
This website grew out of forum post that turned into a paper newsletter article which turned into a web page which turned into this site.
You will find the BASICS and common definitions, the step by step TECH to do a cut and turn, a review of the minimum TOOLS required and a look at some of the more common PRODUCTS that people use when building an axle during a cut and turn. There is also a LINKS page that has links to tons of dealers, vendors and manufacturers of Dana 44 related items.
This site will always be growing and changing as new products and tools come up and new ways of doing things are tried. I am not set on "my way or the highway."  I have been messing with Dana 44 axles for almost 15 years and the only thing that has stayed the same in that time is the choice between 5, 6 or 8 lugs....

NOTE: All of the tech on this site applies to Dana 44 front axle as well as Dana 27 and Dana 30 front axles. It can be done on a Dana 60 - but the inner 'Cs' are pressed on differently and are known not to come off, regardless of the amount of grinding you do.
So you want to modify or build a Dana 44 front axle?
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