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No matter what Dana 44 axle you start with it is very easy to convert it to the standard Ford/Jeep/Scout 5 lug pattern. The key is using Chevy small bearing spindles and the matching brake caliper brackets and calipers along with Ford 5 lug wheel hubs and rotors. You also need Chevy 19 spline outer stub shafts and 19 spline locking hubs.
Go from 6 lug Chevy to 5 lug Jeep/Ford/Scout in just a matter of hours!
The key to converting to 5 lug is the Chevy small bearing spindles (Dana/Spicer Part Numbe706528X) and the fact that they use the exact same seals and bearings as the Ford 5 lug hubs used on F150's and Broncos for years.I always buy 1985 F150 wheel hubs and brake rotors for these conversions when I go to the parts store, there are many other applications that you can use if the parts store guy needs a "year, make and model please..." But 1985 is always a good match.
Chevy small bearing spindles. Be aware of the big bearing spindles, they will not work.
This is the "small'
portion of the spindle.
Chevy 'BIG' bearing
Chevy 'small' bearing
Scout 8 bolt oddball
The key to getting this to work is getting the right parts and putting them together in the right order. From your standard 6 bolt knuckle out the parts go on in this order:
1A) Chevy 19 spline stub shaft attached to your stock inner axle shaft. Any 9.94" standard Dana 44 stub shaft will work. Factory, after market or fancy chromoly will all work fine.
1) Chevy small bearing spindle
2) Chevy small bearing spindle disc brake caliper bracket
3) Spindle nuts to hold everything on.
4) Ford hub and rotor combo with matching Ford hub seals and bearings.
5) Chevy spindle nuts to holdt the hub and rotor on.
6) Ford/Chevy/Dodge/Jeep standard 19 spline internal locking hubs. They all should work including after market hubs and drive flanges.
7) Chevy 1/2 ton brake calipers and pads from the same year as the caliper bracket and spindle. (I use 1975 Chevy 1/2 ton truck for my parts store vehicle on all of these Chevy parts on this job).
8) Chevy brake lines with an adapter fitting to your brake lines.

And you are done! It was that easy, no cutting, grinding or modifying needed.
Complete 5 lug conversion on a Chevy Dana 44 axle
Complete 5 lug conversion on a Dana 44 axle with calipers installed.
1/2 ton Chevy Brake Caliper Brackets - these are the ones you want.
19 spline Chevy/Jeep/Dodge stub shaft
19 spline Warn Premium Hubs

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